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What is "Making Money Online (MMO)" exactly?

Well, to me, this means setting up a system over the internet (just like a "mini" business) which can make money for you,

while you do your household chores,

As simple as that !

Some of the ways in general are as follows :



spreading ideas regarding a product and earning commission if you sell/send traffic to a product


Who is johN ?

If you ever wanted to know who is John Crestani?’ then you have arrived at a right place. In this write-up I will try to introduce you with one of the prolific advertisers on YouTube and a renowned internet marketer, John Crestani. You can easily know about him if you used to watch videos of lavish lifestyle on YouTube channel. He also promises to teach people the ways to improve their business within your budget. So you should see his videos to get an idea to take your business to next level.


Today John Crestani is an internationally popular expert in the field of affiliate marketing. He has build up his empire in the world of affiliate marketing within a few years of leaving his hectic job in the corporate world. Now he has made up his mind to teach people who want to be active in affiliate marketing and enjoy a piece of it. Anyone can improve his business by joining John and using his unmatched experience and knowledge.


Being an internet marketer John Crestani built up his business zero to $5million. In order to encourage people who dream for affluent lifestyle by showing his vacations, Lamborghini, and various other things he got from his business. As an internet marketer he started in 2011 to make money online by trying a number of things. He succeeded to make $100,000 and after that he made an empire of nearly $5 million. Now he was able to live life on his terms. He can get what he wants, and liver wherever he wants.


making programs 

In order to tech people his ways of doing business John Crestani primarily introduced three programs:

  • Internet Jetset which is a membership program),

  • Access to webinars

  • The Super Affiliate System


Internet JetSet Membership by John Crestani is a program that involves monthly subscription to teach you methods to get online traffic free of cost through various platforms including YouTube, Google SEO, FaceBook and other social media platforms.


It is a kind of entry level course which includes 12 modules to learn how to make online. These modules may include:


  1. Basic plan of affiliate marketing

  2. Ways to choose a right affiliate program

  3. Ways to sign up for affiliate programs

  4. Understand the working of Google SEO

  5. Basic methods of getting traffic thru vide marketing of YouTube

  6. Ways to get traffic from FaceBook

  7. Setting up of a WordPress website

  8. Basics of Copywriting

  9. How to take benefit of the launches of other people

  10. How to create an authoritative review websites

  11. How to run ads on FaceBook

  12. Understand the working of Super Affiliate System

what makes it  stand-out

JetSet Webinars

After completing the training as the member of internet JetSet by John Crestani you will have to attend value added weekly webinars organized by John. There you will get an opportunity to get answers of your questions in this regard.

Super Affiliate System

Super Affiliate System by John Crestani allows you to learn how aid advertisements can help you in growing your business of affiliate marketing. Through this system John tries to teach you the methods to use paid ads to drive traffic to your website.

For whom Internet Jetset is introduced by John Crestani

John Crestani introduced Internet JetSet for the people who are willing to make money online but do not know how to start. It is also for the people who have wanted to convert their offline business into online business. Those who want to learn new techniques to grow their existing online business can also join this program.

Thus, John Crestani is a successful affiliate marketer who has made millions f dollars within a few years. Now, he wants to teach others, who want to make money online, the methods to be successful in the world of affiliate marketing.




for his success

I'm excited to step in to my new found freedom

I can highly recommend Super Affiliate System.

I previously paid 7 times the cost of SAS for another affiliate marketing online course and I received over 7 times the content and value of that other course when doing SAS.

Thank you so much John and the Team at SAS!

" 10 out of 10! By far the best course.

John gives you a system that works in any industry and shows you step-by-step how to make sales. The best!"

Just made my first sale online EVER

Thank you John Crestani for teaching me how.

Super Affiliate System is great!

I am from Virginia and joined this John Super Affiliate Program. I saw John on Youtube videos and findout about affiliate marketing business.

Overall his program is great for people who willing to earn extra money. I really enjoyed his training and got a learning experience.

I will definitely recommend this program to my friends. Wishing everyone the best and thank you John for such an amazing opportunity.

Great Experience!

If you're on the fence you should really jump in and make it happen.Great Experience!

If you're on the fence you should really jump in and make it happen.

I made 2 sales in my first day!

John says you can make your first commissions in two hours, and I thought that seemed a little bit too fast, but I decided to try it anyway.


I'm not sure if it took exactly two hours, but I decided to look 10 hours later and I made 2 sales.

It took me 5 or 6 hours, but I made 5 commissions...

John shows you the true and legit way to start without spending money on ads. He makes sure you do the research to get things done and sell the products.

Another one of my favourite modules was the website building... but he shows it step-by-step, and its how I've been able to create my first website today, which is what I'm now working on.

I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to get into affiliate marketing.

I'm a Single Mom From Tuscon Arizona

It's so easy to understand and you get lot's of one-on-one attention if you need it.

Thank you John Crestani!

Great Weekly Webinars.

I found the best aspect of SAS was the Weekly Webinars where we could all ask questions and receive support.

John really pays attention to what supports his students need and provides it.

"Now I can work from home!

It gave me the skills to generate multiple income streams from affiliate marketing. "

This is the best system out there for affiliate marketing.

John covers absolutely everything you need, even covering the right mindset for success.

If you're on the fence, just do it!

$2,901 on Clickbank in just 2 weeks.

John has taught me everything I know about affiliate marketing. I'm only 19 years old and it has been a struggle to get here, but invest in yourself and you will see the results.

10 Clicks and 1 Sale already!
I'm really thankful, and grateful to you John Crestani.

As far as I know, what you say worked, because it worked for me. I've just had my first Sale and I haven't even completed SAS yet!

SAS is great !

Step by step training process is friendly to use. What I signed up for from SAS so far is exceeded my expectation in term of support

system and available upon request

I just made my first commission.

All I did was follow the step-by-step instructions.

Great Experience !!

I've made some sales already and looking forward to more. You've got a great Support Team as well. Thank you John!




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