• Kalyan Patnaik

Why π-coin ?

Before we talk about Pi coin, Lets first talk about the Bitcoin or what I call, the "COIN revolution" which enabled few bitcoin-enthusiasts (like Barry Silbert and Winklevoss brothers) to become millionaires.

Bitcoins were being mined on home PCs since ~2008, without costing any money. And, the few lucky ones, who managed to save them for the future, are still enjoy seeing the following graph.

Bitcoin has taken the world by surprise on 19 December when the price of ONE coin peaked at a whooping $19,000 (14 lakh INR)

How is the Pi-oppurtunity important to me?

The Pi-network (built by a few Stanford Grads)

is a community which has been contributing to the increment in the value of Pi coin.

The Goal of the network is to increase the value of Pi coin (which is now free) to a record highs like bitcoin and let the contributors benefit from them. The value can be increased by ensuring that the coin is used by legitimate humans and not bots.

What does it cost to mine?

Logically Nothing, but technically, a minimal processing power and memory from your smartphone / PC.

  • In Simple words: it would need some amount of processing and storage capabilites to actually "MINE" a coin

Why not make money using your smartphone while it is lying around?

The reach of today's tech has enabled us to mine coins on our mobile devices and using mobile and PC optimized apps created by Pi-team and enabling you to mine coins on your personal devices.

Well then ... What's the hiccup?

  • Zero initial deposits

  • No recurring costs

  • A click away to start mining

  • Convinience to mine from pc/mobile

It's none for me :)

And here's a testimonial : I started mining a month ago and collected 100+ coins on my smartphone !!

Oh wait ! one last fact about the Pi-oppurtunity Its starting to gain momentum and has already risen to 0.36$ since 2019.

Since you are tempted to try out the Pi-coin for free, Let's bag some coins collaboratively by using the invitation code kal96 , for a higher mining rate ! click here to check the site / download the app "Pi Network" from playstore

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